Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Lit Class and food poisoning

Well i had to email my first lit paper in because i didn't go to work or class today. It was a simple 5 page short fiction analysis. I say simple but honestly it sucked. i didn't get it done until late last night. but that isn't why i skipped out of work and class.

I apparently tried to poison myself with my own cooking. Monday evening i was thinking about stuff to make for for lunch for the week when i noticed i had a pound of hamburger that had been in the freezer for a long time. so i thawed it out and cooked it up and after a little poking around i found a cna of manwhich in the cabinet. it sounded good so i whipped it up, cooked up 3 cups of rice to go with it, then seperated it all into 4 gladware containers for lunch.
I had one yesterday for lunch at work and apparently it something wasn't good. because about 1am it started coming out both ends. I definatly did not plan on spending my entire day chained to the bathroom. Hell i had to use an unpaid sick day at work because all my vacaiton is used up with my trip to Japan at the end of June and then trip to GenCon in August.

Man has today sucked.


Well here's to blogging. Maybe i'll keep posting, maybe i won't.