Thursday, October 26, 2006

Christmas time in New York

Motoko and I have both booked our flights for the holidays. We will meet in New York the week before Christmas for 3 days then hop back to St. Louis to do the Holiday thing with my Family and Friends before she heads back to Japan on the 28th.

I'm excited as hell.

1. I get to see Motoko again.
2. I get to see NYC at Christmas.
3. See #1

Life is good right now.

The Atago Jinja granted 100 days of good fortune, I thank you.

I'm watching Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon again.

p.s The girl who played Rei/Sailor Mars (the red one) also was in Fast & Furious 3: Tokyo Drift. Coincidentally her character's name in FF3 was Reiko. I recognized her in the scene she was helping adjsut the engine, i was amazed to recognize a Japanese actress in the movie. If you have hte DVD, watch the deleted scenes. A couple of the ones she was in(tire stelaing & on the rag) were damn funny.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A surprise from 素子 (Motoko)

Motoko just asked if she could come visit over christmas.

I'm excited. Actually I'm more than excited, but i don't wanna dig out a thesarus.

The current plan is she is going to fly into NY the week before christmas, and I am going to fly out to meet her there. then we will come back to St. Louis on the 23 (i think), then she'll leave on the 28th to be back in Japan for New Year's.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

told sprint to piss off

got tired of arguing with Nextel err Sprint err who the hell ever.

Switched to US Cellular this evening. Even got 4 Razr phones for free. We'll see how the network pans out.

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Sony reader is out!!!

the sony reader is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!111oneoneone

I have so been wanting one of these ever since i broke my Librie last year while i was in Japan. The new reader has the bonus of reading TXT & PDF natively, right off of a memory card (SD or Memory Stick Pro) which the librie could not do. The Librie would only read the DRM laden BBeB format, which sony is still using for the "purchased" ebooks from their Connect Store.

as an added bonus, since i didn't buy this one second hand with 3rd party flashed firmware, i got sony's extra "you can drop it and still replace it" insurance plan.

The screen is the exact same as the Librie, there does not seem to be any visible difference in quality. So in a year or so i might be able to get a screen off ebay or something and refurb my Librie too.