Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas video

Our cat |うちの猫

Here are some pictures of Aijou from December 2007.


Aijou, Dec 2007 | 愛情 2007年12

I might have made a mistake

I installed Picasa2 from Google on my mom's computer the other day. Now she has her own web album. It doesn't look like she has managed to figure it out yet though. I uploaded a few pictures for her to show her how it all works, and that is all that is there still.

This was our first snow, for the season. December 16, 2007.
First Snow 2007

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


My friend Dave just surprised everyone, he wrote a book. It is titled Sovereignty and is a fantasy novel set in the world of Haldane. Haldane is a world Dave created a couple years ago to run a D&D campaign in.

It was a good read.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

90th Birthday Party for Grandma Busch


Tonight we had a surprise birthday party for Grandma Busch. Dad arranged to rent the 9th Street Cafe in Highland and have a meal set.

Grandma did not know anything about it. All she was told was that he was taking her to dinner. In addition to the party, Dad managed to get all his brothers and sisters home for it. Daryl and Kay almost did make it due to a canceled flight, but they snuck in about 6:30. Grandma was so happy she was crying.

Here are the pictures taken by me and my sister. Other pictures will probably be added to the album later from my parents and any one else who will let me snag their memory cards. I also have a bunch of video but that will take a some time to edit down.

Grandma Busch 90th Birthday

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Reception video 披露宴のビデオ

I finally got off my ass and got a video put together from our October reception. I am sorry it is distorted, for some reason the Google video uploader converted it to 4:3 resolution...

It is quite long, but i did not feel like making it in "parts."

edit: I uploaded it again and this time it seems to be showing up correctly in 16:9 resolution.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dalanee's 2nd Birthday

Dalanee turns 2 on the 12th. Since my sister had Tuesday off work, she invited everyone over for cake and ice cream.

Dalanee's 2nd Birthday

Monday, December 10, 2007

Darla had a christmas concert

I did not manage to go to this myself, but here are some pictures of my niece's Christmas concert.

Darla Winter Concert

Sunday, December 9, 2007


Last night Motoko & I invited our friends John & Melinda over for dinner. We decided to make pizza. Motoko made some french bread earlier in the day that we turned into garlic bread. I made 2 pounds of pizza dough in the bread maker and rolled that out into 3 pizza crusts.

For desert Motoko made a strawberry shortcake and a chocolate cake.

Everyone seemed to have a good time. They brought us christmas gifts, but we had not got theirs yet. We will have to get on that :)

Friday, December 7, 2007

It is begining to look a lot like christmas

Found this house in Collinsville the other day. I had to go back and take a few pictures..

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

picture pages

This month my grandmother turns 90 years old. We are holding a surprise party for her next Saturday.

My dad suggested to her that a nice picture of her would be good to send out to all her children for the holidays. So today I had to stop by Portrait Innovations to get a few photos taken with my her. My sister took the opportunity to get a couple photo's of her youngest two.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

more wedding reception photos

More photo's from the reception have been posted to the album below.

October Reception

Thanksgiving 2007

I haven't blogged about anything for quite some time. Things have been pretty changeable and I simply haven't felt like posting anything.

Another Thanksgiving has gone and the Christmas season is swinging into full gear.

Motoko & I went over to mom and dad's for an afternoon dinner. I did not get my camera out, but I did have the camcorder going. I have the video exported to my laptop and I'm working on putting it together. Once it is done I will post it here.

The family contemplated hitting up Best Buy for their Black Friday deals, but Nicole drove by after she got off work about 01:00 and said the line was 200+ people already. So we all said screw that. They did have some good deals this year though. Oh well.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Darla's Birthday 2007

i never got around to posting this video because i uploaded it the evening before we went to hawaii..

Darla's Birthday 2007

Monday, October 29, 2007

Sunday, October 28, 2007

rant and the reception

I do not know why I am ranting about this here, but I need an outlet. The ones I am upset about probably would never read this anyway.

Friday night was my wedding reception. And there was pretty much no one there. I guess I know who my true friends really are. A very few people did let me know ahead of time that they could not make it, and that is perfectly understandable. People are busy, and a Friday night reception is not "standard," but common courtesy must be more rare than I thought it was.

But a much larger base of people said they would come than did, by a large margin.

I am a very forgiving person, but this was a very important event to me, and I am extremely disappointed that the people I called friends took it so lightly as to simply ignore it. All I can say to you is that is strike one, but this is not baseball, there is only one more shot.

To every one who did come, thank you very much. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. I am sorry if Motoko and I missed anyone while we were circulating. We tried to work our way around to all the tables.

My parents came over on Saturday and we opened gifts. Motoko and I would like to thank everyone for their thoughtful gifts.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

i've been betrayed!!!!

Aijou betrayed me for my cousin Samantha!

here are some cute pictures.

Ripson Bridge Festival

On Sunday the 7th, Motoko & I went to the Ripson Bridge Festival. It was pretty interesting. I am old enough to remember my parents and aunt & uncle driving over the bridge.

Here are two pictures.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

1st coat of down

We decided to paint the front porch with a white stain. We got the first coat down just before it got dark. We'll start on the second coat in the morning. It took about 2.25 gallons of stain. Here are some pictures.

Painting the Front Porch

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Dinner in St. Louis

Friday night Motoko and I had dinner with Yukie and her husband Chris at Eleven Eleven Mississippi in the Lafayette Square neighborhood of St. Louis. It was a good meal and Chris and Yukie were nice dinner partners. I look forward to getting to know them a little better.

Yukie is also a displaced Tokyoite that Motoko met through the St. Louis Japan Society's website.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Mom's Birthday 2007

Wednesday we took my parent's out to dinner for my mom's birthday. We went to the Brio at Plaza Frontenac. After dinner we went over to Benito Gelato for desert.

Mom's Birthday 2007

Monday, October 1, 2007

Hawaii Wedding Photos

We just got the disc in the mail with the original images to print. He kindly provided a low res set ready to post on the net also. I have those in this album:

Hawaii Wedding Photos

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Aloha Hawaii

we're home. the flight home kinda sucked more because we had two stops instead of just one, but it was better since it was not a single nine hour flight from Chicago to Honolulu.

I'll be updating the pictures some time in the next day or two.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sandy feet

I got sandy feet!! We were just swimming in the ocean. I can not remember the last time I did that. I know it was December 1980, but that is all I remember.

Here is the link to the photo album for the trip. It is not complete yet, but it is the first set of things I've got uploaded. Pictures from Yasuyuki (brother in law) & Rie's wedding will be in a separate album.

Hawaii September 2007

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Heading to Hawaii tomorrow

Well, the airplane leaves at 07:00 tomorrow morning... I just checked the 7 day forecast for Honolulu and it's partly cloudy with a 30% chance for scattered rain every day I'll be there...

Yasuyuki's wedding is at 09:30 on Saturday morning and that is the only planned event of the trip.

See everyone when we get back.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wedding Cake ordered

Yesterday we went to Patty Cakes ( in Highland and ordered our wedding cake. We started with the same heart design that was on the cake in Tokyo. Make sure you come to the reception to see it. Or you will have to wait for pictures here afterwards.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Monday, September 10, 2007

Skydiving pictures

Here are three pictures from Motoko's skydiving video.

I'm not allowed to post the video itself. :)

Back Porch Video

Here is some video taken during construction of the back porch on Sunday the 2nd and Monday the 3rd of September.

My helpers were my Dad & my brother in law.

Japanese Festival 2007

The Missouri Botanical Gardens held their annual Japanese on Labor day weekend as usual. Motoko & I went to it on Saturday morning. Here is some video that I recorded.

still no work

No new interviews yet. Had one two weeks ago, but it didn't pan out.

hopefully I'll find something sooner than later.

I'm getting a bit depressed about this.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Yeah I know I am a bad blogger, over a week and I haven't posted anything new...

Well this weekend I did get something decent accomplished around the house. The back porch I have been wanting to build every since I bought the house is now built.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

1st jump


we had a blast. I paid for the video of her jump, if she let's me I will get a bit of it posted.

this is something we are definitely going to do again if we have the chance.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Motoko

Today is my wife's birthday. I am taking her and my sister to a wedding boutique in Saint Louis to pick out a wedding dress for the reception in October.

Last night we finalized our wedding announcement/reception invitations and got them ordered. Hopefully everything turns out right and we can get them in the mail by the end of next week.

Tonight we are going to Brio Tuscan Grille for dinner.

She will get her birthday present on Saturday. I scheduled us to go skydiving. Haven't told her yet. I am really looking forward to this, we wanted to go last year but we got rained out.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Reception planning

Motoko and I had a sort of busy weekend.

We got up Saturday morning and headed to Williams-Sonoma to set up a gift registry.

Then I went to Indianapolis to game with the guys and then spent Sunday morning at GenCon. I drove home Sunday afternoon, and then Motoko and I went to Kohls to set up our second gift registry.

We figured that two registries was just the right thing to do to make sure our guest had a lot of choices.


Registry #951908
You can search by name but the system generated two for some reason. I'll try and get that fixed on Monday. Only one of them has items listed.

Just search by name. Mine or hers.

Monday we are planning on going to look at wedding dresses. We looked at invitations online and found a set we like. If we find nothing better tomorrow, we will go with the ones we found online.

I contacted a DJ who is going to meet with us sometime this week.

Only things left unconfirmed or unstarted are catering, cake, photographer, and decorations.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

We have a Nephew!

He arrived on July 30th, and i can't believe i forgot to post about it... Well i guess i can believe. I had a few other things on my mind.

That picture was taken on sunday when the entire family plus my Uncle Marc and Aunt Lynn who were in town from Arizona, trooped over for dinner.

We had a metric ton of food but everything served up good. Motoko made a chocolate cake, a strawberry shortcake, and a meat dish (made of ground pork, ground beef, onions, and a tone of other things). I made chicken & dumplings. The rest of the family brought eggs, green beans, a vegetable salad, wine, and watermelon.

It was a good meal all the way around.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

married again!

Motoko and I went to the court house on Friday. Now we are legally married, and we can begin filing all the immigration paperwork for her green card and work permit.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Home again

We got into Saint Louis about 11:30. My dad picked us up at the airport and dropped us off at the house.

I got our laptops powered up, charging, and back on the internet.

Now if you all don't mind I am going to sleep. It is 03:45 in Tokyo right now. That means I woke up 24 hours ago. I'll aim for some coherent posts over the next few days.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Wedding Photos

Here are the photos I have from the wedding. None of these are actually during the ceremony because only the shrine's photographer was allowed to taker pictures then. We will be getting a DVD and prints from the shrine in a couple weeks.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sent the parents off

Well Motoko and I took Danielle and my parents to the airport this morning. And now they are back in Chicago heading for St. Louis.

We moved from Ikebukuro to Shibuya for the next three days.

Just called my sister and she said her and the baby are doing fine.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Yokohama Chinatown

On Monday, we took my parents to Chinatown in Yokohama. After that we stopped at an amusement park there to ride the big ferris wheel, and Danielle wanted to ride a roller coaster, so Motoko and I took her on it while my parents watched.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

it's official, i'm married

This is Motoko & I entering the reception. I think you can tell that the camera operator was my niece.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Met the family

I do not have any pictures from Friday because we were soo busy, but my parents and Danielle do. I will see if i can get one later.

I dropped my parents off for a guided afternoon tour, then I went and met with Motoko. I met her grandmother and 2 aunts and uncles yesterday.

Later I picked up my parents and then we met her parents for dinner at an Italian restaraunt in the hotel building for dinner. It was pretty stiff, no one led conversations. I'm afraid that they must think pretty bad of me for that.

My parents and Danielle ordered single dishes, while Motoko, her parents, and myself ordered course sets. It became a pretty big divider for the meal with half the table being done eating and the rest still waiting on courses.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday in Tokyo

Thursday was a much easier paced day than that long ass Tuesday/Wednesday was.

Here is a quick picture from Asakusa:

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Day 1+

Well it was a long boring almost 13 hour flight from Chicago to Tokyo. Everyone seemed to manage it pretty well. Danielle was completely tired by the time we got here though.

I pushed the issue a bit since I made everyone go to dinner after we had to go to the shrine to get fitted for my kimono and dad's tux.

Here are two snips,

one from the shrine

and then one from dinner.

Monday, July 23, 2007

ready, steady, go

Less than 24 hours to go till I head to Japan again.

I will try to post a video or at least some pictures each day. Thanks for all your good wishes everyone.

Friday, July 20, 2007

busy busy

Sorry i haven't posted much.

I've been busy getting homework done for the next few weeks so that I do not have to do anything when I get back from Japan.

I also need to let everyone know what happened a month and a half ago when I posted that "/slam into a brick wall" post.

On June 6th, I was called into an private meeting unexpectedly and was subsequently interviewed for almost 5 hours. The guy from Asset Protection said that an anonymous complaint sent in that I had been running my own business on company time, and that that business was in conflict of interest with AT&T policy. I stated my case and then signed my statement, then I was suspended from work for Code of Business conduct violations.

One July 9th, I was terminated.

If anyone knows of someone hiring, I really need a job. I will be in Tokyo for until August 6th getting married. I will never be out of contact of my email and I will be checking my email multiple times per day.

I have a mediocre resumé prepared. I will get it redone as soon as I have time.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

interesting things from 100 years ago

this blog posting talks about things 100 years ago in America.

Mari from Watashi to Tokyo posted a list of things from Japan 100 years ago.

1907 was in Meiji period in Japan that was the generation of rapid and dramatic change.
The population of Japan was about 50 million. The average life expectancy was 39 years.
About 90% of people could read or write.
Government started free, compulsory education under the 6 school system.
The causes of death were pneumonia and bronchitis.
A Ekiben cost 0.07yen (now it's around 1000yen), Egg (1kg) was 0.16yen (the price of egg has been stable always Now 12 eggs cost 150yen or so).
Tokyo-Osaka train ticket was 3.56yen (33000yen now).
A bottle of Sake was 0.14yen(2000yen or so now).

Saturday, July 14, 2007

more than meets the eye

Went to see transformers last night with my friend John. I must say it was a good show. I could have done with a stronger personality type for the lead role, but it didn't completely distract from the movie.

They did not leave it open to a sequel, they all but announced it. Between Optimus Primes closing dialog and the image of Starscream heading into space.

The one disappointment I had was that Megatron never went to full gun form. I was really hoping to see that.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Evening play time

After Darla and I went shopping, we stopped at my parent's house. After a while my sister showed up with Dalanee. Here is a snip of the girls playing on the swing in the backyard.

Chisaki's Birthday Gift

My niece Chisaki's(千咲) birthday is this Saturday. So as I like to do, I called up my other nieces to go shopping with me for the present. I do enjoy taking the girls shopping like this. It lets me spend time with them, and also let's them go do something they do not normally do, pick things out.

Danielle was leaving for Girl Scout summer camp for a week, so I only had Darla. We ran over to Fairview, stopping for lunch at the Bread Company before we hit the stores. First we ran in to Babies R Us in case I seen something I wanted to get my sister. She's due on August 4th. I didn't see anything that really struck my eye, so Darla & I headed next door to Toys R Us.

She shopped pretty good I didn't have to remind her too many times that we were looking for things for Chisaki, not for herself. Here is what she picked out.

Dinner with John & Melinda

Tuesday the 3rd I had dinner with John & Melinda. My niece Danielle tagged along because she was going to be staying the night at my house.

I brought over some bi-color corn Melinda made some potatoes and John made some BBQ beef. It was a good meal all around and the kids played a bit while we talked after dinner.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Fourth of July

This year was a very laid back year. We met my cousin Neil and his family in Troy and sat outside his brother in law's bar to watch the Troy show off in the distance.

None of us wanted to deal with the crowds involved in getting any closer to the park.

To top it off, a thunderstorm rolled through less than an hour before the fireworks were scheduled to start, so it turned out to be a good idea to stay away from the wet mess that the park would have been anyway.

Prior to the 4th, Nicole said the girls had asked about doing fireworks ourselves. The last time we did them ourselves was in 2004 so we will most likely do that next year. Honestly, I miss shooting them off myself :)

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Marine Homecoming

I wanted to get out of the house, so I took Danielle and Darla to the Marine Homecoming on Friday evening.

First is a slide show of the few pictures I took. Then the first video is of the parade and the second is of everyone around the homecoming.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Introduction to Management Informations Systems

New cluster started tonight at Lindenwood. This one should be really easy. Still a bunch of work of course with papers to be written and such, but judging by the syllabus it will not be an extremely heavy workload. This is a good thing considering I have to miss 2 classes while in Japan for my wedding.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Sunday, June 24, 2007

power toys!

Many years ago I had bought a cheap electric power washer to keep my deck and driveway clean at the trailer. It worked great, but after moving to this house, it could not take the workload. The first time I went to wash the front porch it blew a seal.

My dad came up with a solution. He found a gas powered one for $170. Here are the results.
Porch Cleaning

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Koro is dead.

Strick finally followed through. He managed to kill my Psychic Warrior Koro. After expending almost all of our party's powers getting to the main cave, we faced a fang dragon. the fang dragon was pretty much impossible for us to hit normally. it was completely outside of our league.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Daerma Adventures

ran my monthly D&D game last night.

things were a bit disjointed. i can only blame myself. with all the shit going on in my life i simply did not have the desire to prep for the game and it showed.

To Boo, Dwarf, & Raven.. Sorry about that.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day 2007

Here is some video from Father's day this year. I uploaded these with Google video because it does not auto reformat a 16:9 image to fit a 4:3 image. As an added bonus, Google does not have a 100mb limit like YouTube does. So I will not have to break them into 5 minute pieces either.

Japan just took the maid to a whole new level

Mari talked about this on her ワタシと東京 blog today.

Mari said:
Crazy...this is really crazy. I thought the maid cafe would be temporary boom, but still they are popular and they provide new services, not only cafe, there are maid reflexology, maid beauty salon, maid ear cleaning service etc,. I found a new one today, it's maid sleep sharing! (orz....) They said maid will come to your home and enjoy TV, video, game together and sleep together. Cleaning ear, pillow your head on her lap, they have such option service too though, Never camera, Never touch and NEVER MORE.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Watashi to Tokyo (Me and Tokyo)

I recently found this blog thanks to a news story form the Japan times.

I really like getting a personal view point form a native Tokyoite. Her blog is very interesting to keep up with.

Friday, June 15, 2007

The day at Six Flags

Here are some pictures and video from the day at Six Flags!

Danielle & Shawna @ Six Flags

Morning chat with Motoko

Danielle and her friend Shawna spent the night at my house on Wednesday because I was taking them to Six Flags on Thursday.

As I do on any morning that I do not go in to work, I was up by 07:00 to chat with Motoko.

Danielle woke up about 7:30 and wanted to talk to her too.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

basment cleaned!

My cousin's daughters Samantha & Brooke spent the night last night and then cleaned the basement today. There was a lot of "Eeeewwwwie!!" from all the old spider webs and such. The house is 107 years old. And on top of that it sat empty for at least a year if not more.

No video of the cleaning in action as I was busy working on some flooring in the basement and running a new thermostat wire while they were cleaning. But here's a few shots of the girls eating and then relaxing on the couch.

Lawn care

Danielle came over on Monday as has been normal to cut my grass. She was about half done when a bumble bee stung her in the ankle. So we packed it in ice and she chilled out on the couch for a while.

After the swelling went back down, and the pain receded, we went for a bicycle ride from my house to Bobby's Frozen custard. It is a 5 mile ride one way. She was definitely getting tired but the idea of ice cream

Motoko's gift to Nicole

As I mentioned before, my sister had a diapers & formula baby shower on Sunday. She had sent Motoko and invitation and Motoko sent me a card to give her along with instructions to buy her a gift.

Her card did not arrive until Monday though, so I ave her gifts & card to Nicole on Monday evening. Here is a short video.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Nicole's Baby Shower

The photo albums for Busch Bash 2007 and Danielle's Birthday were updated with new pictures from my dad's camera.

For anyone who doesn't know, my sister is having her fourth child, due in the beginning of August. She had a small baby shower today. These are the pictures my mom took.
Nicole's Baby Shower

Friday, June 8, 2007

an evening at my sister's house, starring Dalanee

After dropping off the gift for Dwarf, I hit my sister's place for dinner. Later, I whipped out my camcorder to catch Dalanee in action.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

da dwarf got older

Yup yup yup, da dwarf went and got a year older.

Appropriately, I bought him anime DVDs. Some time back I acquired four "Original Dirty Pair" DVDs with the intention of giving them to him, because I remember him telling me about finding out about Japanese Anime/Manga from some Dirty Pair manga back in the day.

I know he will enjoy them.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

/slam against wall

that's what my life just did today. I can't talk about it publicly yet. Hopefully I'll be able to get by with minimal damage.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

my maid service

I am not sure if it is worth the cost yet or not... :)

Samantha spent the night here Sunday night, and Danielle came over first thing in the morning.

I made them potatoes & eggs for breakfast, Then Sam cleaned the house while Danielle and I worked on removing some rock from the yard. Danielle did not like that too much so she quit after an hour to help Sam.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

that hurt!

Round trip plane tickets for 3 adults and 1 child from STL to NRT $5,362.90 wheee!!

Never swiped my card for that large of anything before. Got the best rate from ANA which means in addition to getting frequent flyer miles for 1 mile = $1 on the credit card, I get miles for the flight itself since ANA is part of Star Alliance. This should help build up a free ticket at a good rate!

Monday, May 21, 2007


I have enabled anonymous comments for thew blog. so you are no longer required to have a Google account to post a comment. If I see a problem with spam bots I my lock it back down.

camcorder is repaired!

Yeah!!!! My camcorder is now flagged as repaired but not shipped. Hopefully I will get it back by Saturday.

My dad told me this evening that since my sister's family will be down at their vacation timeshare for the week of Memorial day that he will come over to my house to work on the bathtub drain with me.

I so need to have the camera fixed so that when I royally screw something up we can document it. heheheh

Danielle is 11

This year's Busch Bash fell on Danielle's birthday. Surprisingly we had a hard time reeling the kids back in from the various areas of the park so she could open presents. Everyone was having a good time.

Danielle's Birthday 2007

Busch Bash 2007

Once again my dad ordered up a beautiful day for the Busch Bash. The turn out was a little smaller than last year I think. I did not count the names in the sign in book so I may be wrong, but it felt smaller.

Busch Bash 2007

Saturday, May 19, 2007

coffee table & dining table!

I went by House of Denmark on my way home from work on Friday evening and found a coffee table that I absolutely fell in love with. I also found an interesting dining table.
Coffee Table & Dining Room Table

Previously I had also found an interesting dining table at World Market. The one in the store was black unlike the current picture on the website. I am really undecided which one I like better. I am a bit attracted to the square design over the rectangle design. I think it would fit the room better.

busy busy week

this was a busy week.

Sunday was monther's day, and I spent pretty much the entire day with the family.

Monday was my Sister's birthday.
Nicole's Birthday

Tuesday right after work was a dentist appointment, then when i got home, I had an email from the Dept. of Homeland Security Citizenship & Immigration Services that our I-129F has been approved and the approval letter had been mailed.

Tuesday was also my niece's 5th grade spring concert.
Danielle's Spring Concert

Wednesday was my monthly D&D game

Thursday was Jared versus the clothesline post round 2. It is now Jared 0 clothesline 2. That thing is in a two foot diameter chunk of concrete about 8 inches under the surface. I'll try again on Monday I think. After a shower I spent a couple hours on WoW. That game just isn't doing anything for me. I already canceled the account but it is active until mid June so I'll get my money out of the game. I am thinking about going back to EQII.

Friday I alternated chilling out in front of the laptop or TV.

Tonight I have no plans except to go to the store to get a few things for the Busch Bash tomorrow. I am going to make 6 batches of General Tso's Chicken. My house is going to smell like Chinese for a week.

Sunday is the Busch Bash 2007. I am sure I will have plenty of pictures and will have a new picasa album posted sometime Sunday evening or Monday.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day 2007

Mother's Day was a nice sunny day with the temperature just right. After we ate dinner Danielle had to cut the lawn at her house and Lorrie's house. Darla & I rode our bicycles up there with her and then continued on around town with a brief stop at a park where she made me push her on the tire swing.

Mother's Day 2007

Monday, May 7, 2007

Darla Uncensored

While I was editing and posting the last two videos of my niece Darla, she asked if she could use my camcorder. This is the result. The only edit was to chop out about 3 minutes of her wandering around my house so that it would fit on YouTube. If anyone really wants to see it I guess I can find a place to upload a 600mb file.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Took Darla Shopping

I took Darla shopping today for Danielle's birthday.

to fit on youtube i had to break it into two five minute movies.

Part I

Part II

Saturday, May 5, 2007

pitter patter on the rooftop

well we just had a days of non-stop rain. no major leaks to be found in the house, although there was a very small leak near the chimney. I went on the roof this evening and found it to be a crack in the tar sealant where the antenna mast is. that will be simple to fix.

nothing else seems to leak since i patched the section on the front where a half a shingle was missing.

either way i still need a new roof sometime soon. time to save my pennies i guess, either that or pray for a severe hail storm to damage the roof but not my car ^_^

i met a guy today who say's he'll take down one of my tree's for less than $300. i need to do a bit of checking, but he say's he's licensed so that should not be too difficult to find out. If it pans out, it's a good deal. If not, I'm only out a bit of time.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

the windows are ready

for curtains. I put the last of the hardware up on the windows in the living room and the dining room. now i just need curtains.

i bought material a couple months ago for my sister to sew into some basic curtains. she got 5 panels done, but the first two i gave back because with the pleating she had put ion it, they would not fit the windows without bying more material. so she removed the pleats form those and will bring em back this weekend.

now she just needs to get some time without the kids to do some dedicated sewing on my dining room curtains. then i'll finally have a bit of privacy in the house from the heavy traffic areas.

also since it was wednesday, my mom came by and i made her go through her address book and populate addresses for my wedding reception invitation list.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

a museum like store

Talked to 素子 this morning on the telephone. Apparently her PC shot craps a few days ago and will be repaired tomorrow, so no video conference. Anyway I asked her how the 高島屋(Takashimaya) Grand Bloom event in Shinjuku was because she had sent me a text on Friday saying she was going there after work.

She answered that it was like going to a museum, because everything was extremely expensive. She could only look. She had told me she was just going window shopping in the first place, but I fully understand looking forward to something and then finding out it is no longer someplace you can enjoy.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Right as I got in to Collinsville from work, I ran over something in the road and punctured one of my tires.. so much for my evening.

I put on the spare and drove to Dobbs in Faiview Heights to get it repaired. They said it would take under an hour so I walked down to the Saint Louis Bread Co. for dinner.

That's where I am now. Had a Broccoli & Cheddar soup, in a bread bowl and a coffee.

Tomorrow night is the long awaited return of my Daerma Game. The Fallen Legion is about to embark on a plane hopping journey. It should prove interesting.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

front porch 1 : power washer 0

I was cleaning my front porch yesterday after work and my power washer decided to shoot craps. I got half of the railing cleaned. so say a quarter of the area. this so sucks. I poked at it this evening but it seems truly dead. Not sure what I am going to do about it. It is less than $100 for a new one, but my car had it's 30,000 mile maintenance on Monday and that bill was $400. Guess I will have to suffer with a nasty front porch for a while.

Monday, April 16, 2007

birthday shirt

Here is the shirt 素子 got me for my birthday. It fits but I can barely breathe in it. So now I have an added incentive to hit my goal of 80kg. This morning I was 89.2kg. Sunday morning I was 88.0kg. We shall see how I pan out tomorrow morning. I am happy to be hanging out under 90kg, but I will be happier at 80kg.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Dinner with John & Melinda

John & Melinda invited me over for dinner this evening. I'm fairly certain they didn't realize it was my birthday. So it was a nice bonus. I had no evening plans since I went out to dinner with my family last night for my birthday.

Here's a quick video of them and their boys Johnny & Danny.

another birthday down

Welcome to 34.

anyway the family took me to Red Robin's for dinner. here's a quick video.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


I received my birthday presents from 素子 and her mom today.

素子 bought me a very nice shirt that I had seen at the Seibu department store in 池袋区(Ikebukuro-ku).

Her mom bought me a small teapot and two cups which are also very nice. I'm a little afraid to have them out before 素子 is able to immigrate because I do not want anything, like my cat, to happen to them. But I've been itching to buy some tea from Teavana, so I probably will use them.

I'll post pictures sometime soon.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Sunday, April 8, 2007


for all of you who see me all the time you know I've lost weight and all, but i was going through some old photo's and the contrast completely amazed me. I know I have worked hard at it, but seeing the difference so contrasted is amazing.

Dec 2006 in New York

Sept 2005 in Kyoto

Easter at my house

Well the nieces deemed that we would have Easter dinner at my house this year.

So after they colored the eggs they left them in the refrigerator with a note asking the Easter bunny to hide them at my house. Here is the first video of their search. There will be 4 total. I'll edit this post with the rest of the links once I get them uploaded to YouTube.

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Just a little thank you

From my family to Motoko and her parents for the gifts.

Came down with something

Went to bed Thursday evening at about 10:30 and woke up Friday morning @ 5:30 by the alarm with a nasty headache, light cough, and I felt a bit warm but I don't own a thermometer so no idea if I had a fever or not. I snoozed the alarm, rolled over, and went back to sleep.

Well I must have definitely had a bug because I subsequently woke up at 5pm Friday evening. Guess I just used a sick day at work without meaning to.

But aside from a little stiffness from sleeping over 16 I now feel fine. I weighed in at 87.2kg which is my lowest ever, although I suspect some of that is a reaction to whatever bug I had. Only time will tell.

I decided I did not want to deal with cooking so I went to St. Louis Bread Co. for a Broccoli & Cheddar soup & coffee. I chilled out there until my laptop battery was dead and then came home and read a book until 1am. Took a shower and now I'm heading to bed. Have to get up and work tomorrow. I can not afford to miss another day off, even if I have the sick days available.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Little bit of jet lag

kept me on a weird schedule the last few days, but I'm back to normal now.

Began the summer long task of cleaning the yard up. The house was empty for at least a year probably longer based on the condition of the yard. I'll be hitting up Home Depot or some place else I'm sure for things like seed and mulch and other miscellaneous stuff I'm sure.

Monday, April 2, 2007

An evening with the family

This is a backdated post.

On Monday April 2nd, right after I returned from Japan.

These are the videos I took that night with the family.

Sayōnara Japan

素子 went all the way to the airport with me. I filmed this on the Narita Express train to the airport.

Final morning in Shibuya

On Sunday morning after we checked out of the hotel, we went for a walk together.

We went from the hotel to Hachiko to Omote-sando in Harajuku to der Akkord in Aoyama abd back to the hotel to get my bags.

Hanami in Ueno Park

This was Saturday evening in Ueno Park. Right after we walked around the park, we met up with 素子's parents for dinner.

Back from Japan

I'm back from Japan. I do have more video to post. But I've been up since 3am and now I'm too tired to deal with it I'm going to take a jet lagged nap.

Friday, March 30, 2007

富士山 (Fuji-san aka Mt Fuji)

After we left the Ryokan we did a small tour of Hakone and at the top of some mountain whose name I will have to dig into my stuff to find we were able to see 富士山。

we're back from Hakone

Well we are back from Hakone. The Ryokan & Onsen were excellent!

Sorry there were no updates for a couple days but we had no easy net access. I of course have many more videos and pictures than have been posted here.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

東京大神宮 (Toyko Daijingu)

Today we went to look at 東京大神宮 (Tokyo Daijingu) as a choice for our wedding ceremony.

Both of us really liked it. While we were there, we seen a wedding procession and I got it on video.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

赤レンガ倉庫 (Akarenga Souko)

On Tuesday we went to Yokohama to meet Motoko's friend Etsuko.

We did a bit of sight seeing while we were there also. This video is the Akarenga Souko. It is an old factory/warehouse that has been converted into a shopping plaza and museum.

After here we headed to Chinatown and met Etsuko for lunch. Etsuko brought us to a place for chinese noodles that was really good. We talked for about an hour and then parted ways.

Motoko and I hit a couple shopping malls looking at ring designs for me. She did keep comparing her ring to the ones in the display cases and was quite happy to say "mines bigger" more than once.

Well we are about to head out for the day.


Monday, March 26, 2007

Krispy Kreme Shinjuku!

Ok, I did have time to get a video edited and uploaded.

The one and only Krispy Kreme in Japan is located in the Shinjuku Ward of Tokyo.

This video was shot about 2pm on Monday March 26th, 2007.

おはようございます (ohayou gozaimsau)

It means good morning.

I do not know if i will get a new video posted this morning or not. 素子 should arrive at the hotel in about 45 minutes, then we are going to do a little research on another shrine for a wedding, then we are heading to 横浜(Yokohama) for the day.

We are going to visit the Tokyo's Chinatown and meet up with one of 素子の友だち(Motoko's friends) for lunch.

Yesterday we went to the Meiji Kinenkan and talked to them about having a wedding ceremony. A complete package deal with about 20 guests clocks in at ¥1,600,000 (~$13,600). That's the wedding ceremony, photos, kimono rentals, tux and dress rentals, and formal reception.

素子 and I have talked about it a lot and decided that we really do not want to have a formal Japanese reception. Mainly because after 素子 watched her friend Aki get completely over stressed on the planning of her wedding she does not think she could handle doing it without me here to help. After learning just a little of what is involved in planning a wedding here, I can not blame her.

So if we want to not have any kind of formal reception here in Japan. Instead we want to have only a informal family dinner after the wedding ceremony. Then after that we will also have an informal dinner party with her friends and mine if any come.

After I told her that my sister's wedding dress was < $1000 here, she has decided that for the wedding reception we want to have here in the US she will buy a dress. That means I'll have to squeeze into a tuxedo. ^_^;

Saturday, March 24, 2007

She has the ring

素子 got the rings yesterday (Saturday) while we were chilling out at a Starbucks in Ikebukuro.

Friday, March 23, 2007

サクラフルール青山 Rm 306

Here is a quick video from my hotel room I made this morning.

It is currently 10:10 and I am waiting on 素子 at the Café Merry Coco. The restaurant in the same building as the hotel.

After I recorded this video, I did a hour and a half walkabout of 渋谷(Shibuya) with the camera. I definitately will not claim to be a director, but i got some footage of stuff around 渋谷。 Those videos are fragmented so I will have to edit it all into a single video to post later. We'll see how tired I am tonight or how early I actually wake up tomorrow morning.

6am in the land of the rising sun

Hey everyone. I'm in Japan. The plane landed about 13 hours ago.

I worked my way to my hotel and then 素子 and I went shopping for my camcorder. A Sony DCR-SR60 for ¥55,044 ($466.22) at BicCamera. I will have images and stuff this evening I'm sure, though I will probably be too tired to get anything off of it until I get up at 6am again tomorrow!

Today we are going to go shopping for furniture. We will not be buying anything, but we want to look at things together so I know what to look for in the U.S.

She will not be here until 10:30 so I think I am going to go wandering around 渋谷 (Shibuya) alone for a while. There is no way I can go back to sleep.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

another cluster bites the dust

Well my 4th cluster is down. I was expecting to get a C but after getting my research paper back with an A-, I am no certain I will be getting a B and maybe an A for the semester!!!

anyway i'm off to do laundry for my trip. ciao.

Monday, March 19, 2007

I picked up the rings

I went to Lordo's today and picked up the completed wedding ring set. They finished the wedding band on Saturday.

I won't mention how much I paid, but the appraised value sent to the insurance company was $7,800. That will cost me $56/year to be insured. Hmm well that will take 140 years to pay that much insurance so I guess it is worth it.

I'll post some pictures after I give it to 素子.

I get on a plane Thursday morning to head to Japan. 素子 gets off work Friday at 6 which is probably about the same time I will be getting through immigration and heading for the NEX. We're meeting at my hotel around 7pm or so.

humanities final

is tomorrow night. I got all my homework done, and my final art paper wrote. All I have to do tomorrow is pick the questions in the study guide I want to answer and write down the answers, so that all I have to do in class is copy my notes to the test in paragraph format.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

White Day!

Happy White Day to all the Japanese and Korean women around the globe.

I sent 素子 a selection of Godiva white chocolates. She did not email me saying she got them, so I think the mail is a bit slow. If she did not get them today, they should arrive by Thursday.

Casino Royale

is a pretty good back to basics Bond flick. I think they drug out the ending a bit too much, because we all know it is not going to be the "end of Bond." But other than that, I think it was a solid movie.

Watched it with my mom since she has started visiting me every Wednesday after work.

I turned in my Applied Humanities research paper last night in class. I am very confident I will get a C or D on it. I just could not pull it together. I am pretty sure my overall grade is passing so i do not think it will hurt me. Only one more night of class to go for this cluster.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

i think abercrombie & fitch is

toying with sizes.

I went in after work tonight to see if they had anything good on sale, because i need a pair of jeans.

Well they had a decent selection of jeans on clearance, so I grabbed a 36x32 and decided to try it on before i walked out.

it was too loose. not horribly pants falling down loose, but they were loose. so i snagged a pair of 34x32 and tried them on. just right. i just can not wrap my head around the fact that I am a size 34. In fact i doubt if i truly am. I suspect Abercrombie & Fitch of vanity sizing.

Either way I walked out with a nice pair of jeans for $30.

Monday, March 5, 2007

To Cook or Not To Cook

Apparently I will not be cooking.

My parents came by Saturday evening after I got off work with a stove for the house. Yeah, I've been here 2 months without a stove. It isn't a big deal I cook most things in my electric wok even when i had a stove at my old place.

So my dad has been watching a local place in Highland that gets in scratch & dents for a good deal on a stove. They finally get a white gas stove and my dad picks it up (i had left him a signed check to pay for it).

We get it in to the house and slid in place and then notice it is not a sealed burner. Oops. Apparently the people at the shop either forgot or never knew that I only wanted a white gas stove with sealed burners. And when my dad picked it up, he didn't notice it either.

Well he called them today and told them about it, and they had no problem if we returned it since we had not even hooked it up.

After waiting this long for a decent scratch & dent I may just break down and buy a new one if I can catch a good enough sale.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

way too tired to be typing here

well class was pretty hard to sit through tonight. I'm glad it's over.

I was sooooooo tired. I still am , but I'm on my way to bed shortly.

It is a typical post Con tiredness.
Sunday, I was up just before 7am. I packed and left MidCon. Once I got home, I slept a LOT.
Monday, I was up again before 7am this time to talk to 素子。 Then it was off to a dentist appointment, and a quick jaunt to my sister's office to deliver the cell phone bill details so she could keep tabs on Danielle's usage. After that I dropped by Lowe's but didn't see anything useful. Hit up Best Buy for a new set of headphones and then wandered into St. Louis Bread Co. for dinner. I had Broccoli & Cheddar in a bread bowl & a Chai Tea Latte. I watched a few episodes of "Iguana no Musume" while I was there and then came home and watched the rest of the series. And stayed up a little later than I should have to do it.
Tuesday was back to work and it went along pretty quick , but I was feeling the lack of scheduled sleep by the end of the day and that made class seem to take absolutely forever.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

MidCon 2007

Was a success. Dwarf, Half-G, Boo, Raven, Smoug, & myself (Aaron, Bob, Heather, Jeff, & Jared) started it off with dinner at Patricks in Carlyle on Thursday night. We came back to the cabin and Smoug ran a session of his d20 Past WWII European Theater game.

Friday morning we woke and Half-G ran his game, a mostly standard 3.5e d20 game. Though everyone is required to be a class that uses some kind of divine, arcane or psionic powers. After his game we wandered up to the main lake entrance and had supper at Dockside where Yago & Singer(Erik & Matt) joined us. Then we all went back to the cabin and Boo ran us through his d20 Modern(Future) Harshlands game.

On Saturday morning Dave cooked up sausage gravy & toast to feed us, then Dwarf ran his game and had us all hunting through a techno-magic hybrid research facility. Dwarf gets the king of the DM's award for the game as his game ran for just over 8 hours.

After Dwarf's game. I cooked up General Tso's chicken for dinner, and then ran my heavily modified 3.5e d20 Daerma campaign.

Sunday morning we woke up and headed out.

See you in 2008 & Game On!!!!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

it's official

We are in the system. I got home and checked my mailbox tonight and there was a letter from the Department of Homeland Security. Slicing it open, I find a Receipt Number and confirmation of payment of the $170 processing fee for the K-1 Visa

Monday, February 19, 2007


I'm not sure what happened today, but i was pretty much despondent all day.

I just went through the motions, and I really did not want to be at work. I got no idea why. I'm still kinda bleh right now.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

who pays

Talked to 素子 this morning. I can't say i was the greatest conversationalist after being up late the last 3 nights, but it was good to actually see and talk to her again.

She got her webcam fixed and running smooth so it was a video chat instead of her watching my type at her.

Conversation was a little halting at first, so I simply dropped the big guns. I flat asked her who pays for the wedding traditionally. She said the couple does. Then she asked me what American custom was and she got all worried looking when I said it was bride's family. That took 5 minutes to straighten out. As I've gotten to know her, I've seen that customs and traditions are very important to her. My money is on the underlying Shintoism in Japanese culture, even thought she says she is Buddhist.

Once I convinced her that, I was talking about traditional customs, and not wanting to offload everything on to her we talked about receptions and discovered how very similar yet different they are between the two cultures.

In Japan, a reception is about 2 hours, with a multi-course meal. Many guests make speeches, but they are scheduled to the minute. Boss 5 minutes, friend 3 minutes, etc. Cutting the cake, a little music, everything is refined and processed. Oh and receptions are mid afternoon affairs.
So then I told her in the US, receptions don't start until 5 or 6pm and the party goes till midnight or better. Meals are usually simple buffet style, but some couples do go with a single course served meal. Some random time after the meal is started the best man and maybe maid of honor give a speech. after the meal the cake gets cut, then the Bride and groom have the first dance then the floor opens to everyone. and it's a party for the rest of the night.

yeah bit of a culture difference. even if they've adopted the trappings of a western reception, it definitely isn't one.

So we talked some more about a wedding ceremony and she said she really wants a ceremony in Japan. Because it will be a once in a lifetime chance for my family most to see something like that. Then she said she really did not want to plan a reception in Japan by herself. because it is so complicated. So I told her, straight up, we don't have to have one if we do not want to.

I did not make any suggestions then, but that now has me thinking about what we can do. Maybe not have a "reception" but instead have dinner somewhere. That would be relatively easy to work out. Us, her family, my family, my friends (only gonna be one two), and which ever of her friends we want to invite. hmmm gonna have to ponder this one. There are a LOT of good restaurants in Tokyo.

Hmm that could be something similar to the Rehersal dinner here.... hmmm this has got my mind spinning in a huge culture whirlpool...

well enough from me for now.

Friday, February 16, 2007

well it's done

the engagement ring is done. I went in and approved it today. they will start on the wedding band next week.

I'd post a picture, but 素子 told me she wants to be surprised and I do not know if she checks this blog or not. So everyone in blog land will have to wait until the end of March to see it.

Well it's game night so i'm outta here.

Monday, February 12, 2007

wedding plans

素子 and I talked on Sunday and she said wedding costs usually clock in at $30k.. that made me choke a bit. I have no fucking clue how I could pay for that. I was having a hard enough time thinking about how to pay about $10k for a wedding.

I apparently will have a shit load of work ahead of me trying to figure this one out. The Meiji Kinenkan's website quotes ¥2,720,000 for 60 people that's about US $22,000. That does not count another $1,000 to $2,000 for the trip and hotel.

Granted this is only for a Traditional Japanese wedding. I do not expect a western style wedding in Japan to come in a lot cheaper, but we'll see.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

i hate writing longhand

so we had our midterm for the humanities cluster tonight. no big deal i knew my subject and was ready for the test. what sucked was having to write out all the answers longhand.

he should accept typed answers in pdf format. I would have been done in half hte time if i had been able to type my answers instead of write them. and open office lets me dump it straight to a pdf.

sigh.. maybe someday.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Immigration begins

Well I'm about to head out to meet with the people at Immigration Project.

I really hope they take the case. I am a little leary of being told they will not because they are a non-profit organization, and I'm afraid they will say I make too much money for their assistance.

I do not want to go through this process without assistance, but the lowest fee a lawyer quoted me was $750 just to assist with the K-1 visa application. I could put it out on the credit cards, but that really is not something I want to do. That same lawyer also told me that to process the green card after the K-1 is granted and we are married is $1500.

If I have to pay that much, I think I will do everything myself. The worst thing is that some of the paperwork is rejected, or I do not send the right forms and have to file more stuff or refile. That would of course cause delays in allowing 素子 to get here but it would only cost another $170 for the new K-1 application. And that is a worst case. the instructions are pretty detailed, but I do not think they are too complicated.

Friday, February 2, 2007

3 day weekend!

yeah! i got a three day weekend. although that is only because I am working Tuesday through Saturday going forward for the foreseeable future.

This week my days off were Sun/Sat. Next week they are Sun/Mon so i got a bit of a bonus. of course whenever i go back to Sun/Sat it will be a 1 day weekend. I don't plan on doing that too much though. I will probably do it once at the end of the month and once in march. after that I've nothing planned until august. although the possibility of a July wedding in Japan is pretty good, just not decided. if that happens I'll probably rework my schedule a tad.


I'm such a crappy blogger. i just realized today that it has bene over a week since i said anything. well maybe later. it is 06:10 and i need to go to work.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

the ring

is being made. I went back to Lordo's on Tuesday during lunch and picked out the center stone and gave them a down payment.

Now I am just hoping that my co-worker comes through with the money for the trailer this week like he says he should. Once that happens I'll be pretty much in the clear on everything except the house and my car.

I am thinking about using a withdrawal on my 401K to pay for the ring because it would be 9% interest, which i am technically paying to myself, and I can set it up for a 12 month (minimum it lets you do) direct withdrawal from my paycheck to pay it off. It would likely be cheaper than putting it on a credit card in the long run.

I've worked hard on my spending and I think I've been doing good on it. My next step is to actually sit down and write up a budget and see how well I can hold to it.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

engagement ring

I switched days off this week. I took Thursday off and worked on Saturday. I did this to take care of a bunch of business.

I got my Illinois license plates, Illinois driver's license, opened new checking and saving accounts, got 2 certified copies of my birth certificate, registered an assumed name for my side business, had a doctor's appointment, talked to a non-profit company about immigration, and finally went to Lordo's Diamonds over in Ladue.

I worked with Mike and he was extremely honest and up front when I told him my ideas. We looked at rings to find things close to what I was thinking about. When nothing was really even close we looked around until we found a mounting I liked ignoring the rest of the ring. Then based on that kind of mounting he sketched out the rest of the ring concept.

Then we looked at center stones. Honestly telling the difference in the 4 C's asides from carat is really moot as long as you stay near colorless and away from the visible to naked eye inclusions.

I left telling him that I need to ponder my choices for at least a day and that I would almost certainly call him back. I called back on Saturday, but he had already left for the day. SO I will call him again on Monday and give him the go ahead for:
In platinum, on a small mounting, a Round .75 center, small diamond baget to either side, then a small round diamond on the end of the baget.

Monday, January 15, 2007

my sister is pregnant

I can not believe of forgot to metnion this. My sister called me on January 7th to tell me she was pregnant. Niece #4 or Nephew #1 is due August 4th.

She received a large ration of shit about knowing where babies come from, because she had said they were done having kids. Her excuse was, "we never got around to it," when i asked why it was still possible to get pregnant.

So then i teased her that she was going to have a girl in order to keep up with their friends Phil & Sonya who also have 4 girls. heh.

Well I got homework to do. It should prove interesting to finish reading "Antigone" since I had a decanter of sake with dinner. I have to write a 5 paragraph paper about one of three things on a handout the teacher gave us.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

early morning call & late night server install

Saturday dawned rainy and cold. I got up at 06:30 so I could chat with 素子。That was good. We talked about a lot. We decided to get married when I go out in March and then apply for immigration after that, instead of applying for a K-1 and then marrying here and then applying for a green card. One of the immigration lawyers I spoke with quoted a very reasonable legal fee to process the paperwork. I will have to call her next week and see about scheduling a meeting with her to make certain this is what we need to do. 素子の brother is most likely getting married in Hawaii in September or October.

As for when I will go see her, I am still pricing flights, but I will likely either head out on March 15 or 22 for a week stay.

We also talked about the wedding ceremony. No decision on that yet. I think 素子 really wants a beach wedding, Hawaii, Australia, Okinawa and Guam were mentioned.

After 素子 went to bed, I checked in with my partners about the server install we were supposed to do and found out that the building had no power. Scratch one install. So I called my friend Kerry to see if she still needed help moving into her new house. Of course that answer was yes, I do not think anyone would turn down moving help.

While I was on my way over to her place, Gene called and said that power finally came back on. Since I had already committed to Kerry we decided it would not hurt to make sure power was stable too. After we got all the big stuffed moved, I called Gene back and he said power had been stable for a couple hours and he was heading back to the site.

Little over an hour later I arrived and we began to tear apart their network. The bonus was we only lost one users settings when we migrated all the clients to the new domain. I'm still not really sure why the client profiles did not merge from domain to domain, because i know they can, but either way prepared back up copies are always a good thing.

The server itself installed flawlessly, but something happened to the latest install package for one of the client's apps and we were unable to get it functional. That was our only real problem and I got home about 04:15, fed 愛情 and crashed.

Woke up at 09:40 and I am still damn tired, but I could not sleep any more.