Thursday, January 25, 2007

the ring

is being made. I went back to Lordo's on Tuesday during lunch and picked out the center stone and gave them a down payment.

Now I am just hoping that my co-worker comes through with the money for the trailer this week like he says he should. Once that happens I'll be pretty much in the clear on everything except the house and my car.

I am thinking about using a withdrawal on my 401K to pay for the ring because it would be 9% interest, which i am technically paying to myself, and I can set it up for a 12 month (minimum it lets you do) direct withdrawal from my paycheck to pay it off. It would likely be cheaper than putting it on a credit card in the long run.

I've worked hard on my spending and I think I've been doing good on it. My next step is to actually sit down and write up a budget and see how well I can hold to it.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

engagement ring

I switched days off this week. I took Thursday off and worked on Saturday. I did this to take care of a bunch of business.

I got my Illinois license plates, Illinois driver's license, opened new checking and saving accounts, got 2 certified copies of my birth certificate, registered an assumed name for my side business, had a doctor's appointment, talked to a non-profit company about immigration, and finally went to Lordo's Diamonds over in Ladue.

I worked with Mike and he was extremely honest and up front when I told him my ideas. We looked at rings to find things close to what I was thinking about. When nothing was really even close we looked around until we found a mounting I liked ignoring the rest of the ring. Then based on that kind of mounting he sketched out the rest of the ring concept.

Then we looked at center stones. Honestly telling the difference in the 4 C's asides from carat is really moot as long as you stay near colorless and away from the visible to naked eye inclusions.

I left telling him that I need to ponder my choices for at least a day and that I would almost certainly call him back. I called back on Saturday, but he had already left for the day. SO I will call him again on Monday and give him the go ahead for:
In platinum, on a small mounting, a Round .75 center, small diamond baget to either side, then a small round diamond on the end of the baget.

Monday, January 15, 2007

my sister is pregnant

I can not believe of forgot to metnion this. My sister called me on January 7th to tell me she was pregnant. Niece #4 or Nephew #1 is due August 4th.

She received a large ration of shit about knowing where babies come from, because she had said they were done having kids. Her excuse was, "we never got around to it," when i asked why it was still possible to get pregnant.

So then i teased her that she was going to have a girl in order to keep up with their friends Phil & Sonya who also have 4 girls. heh.

Well I got homework to do. It should prove interesting to finish reading "Antigone" since I had a decanter of sake with dinner. I have to write a 5 paragraph paper about one of three things on a handout the teacher gave us.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

early morning call & late night server install

Saturday dawned rainy and cold. I got up at 06:30 so I could chat with 素子。That was good. We talked about a lot. We decided to get married when I go out in March and then apply for immigration after that, instead of applying for a K-1 and then marrying here and then applying for a green card. One of the immigration lawyers I spoke with quoted a very reasonable legal fee to process the paperwork. I will have to call her next week and see about scheduling a meeting with her to make certain this is what we need to do. 素子の brother is most likely getting married in Hawaii in September or October.

As for when I will go see her, I am still pricing flights, but I will likely either head out on March 15 or 22 for a week stay.

We also talked about the wedding ceremony. No decision on that yet. I think 素子 really wants a beach wedding, Hawaii, Australia, Okinawa and Guam were mentioned.

After 素子 went to bed, I checked in with my partners about the server install we were supposed to do and found out that the building had no power. Scratch one install. So I called my friend Kerry to see if she still needed help moving into her new house. Of course that answer was yes, I do not think anyone would turn down moving help.

While I was on my way over to her place, Gene called and said that power finally came back on. Since I had already committed to Kerry we decided it would not hurt to make sure power was stable too. After we got all the big stuffed moved, I called Gene back and he said power had been stable for a couple hours and he was heading back to the site.

Little over an hour later I arrived and we began to tear apart their network. The bonus was we only lost one users settings when we migrated all the clients to the new domain. I'm still not really sure why the client profiles did not merge from domain to domain, because i know they can, but either way prepared back up copies are always a good thing.

The server itself installed flawlessly, but something happened to the latest install package for one of the client's apps and we were unable to get it functional. That was our only real problem and I got home about 04:15, fed 愛情 and crashed.

Woke up at 09:40 and I am still damn tired, but I could not sleep any more.

Friday, January 12, 2007

busy as hell

Well it seems that I will be busy as hell for the next few weeks as I get settled in to my new house, get used to a 45 minute commute to work, adjust to the Humanities Cluster and figure out when and how I am getting married.

Been emailing 素子、 and I think we have all our options laid out before us. Now we just need to decide on a course of action. Hopefully we can make a decision this weekend.

I mentioned to 素子 that I had an idea for a wedding ring design, and now she says that I should do it instead of us shopping for one together in Tokyo. Now I am a bit nervous about my idea, and when I told her that she said, "You often have good sense! I trust you very much." Yeah that helps the nerves....

Well for better or worse I will talk to a jeweler next week about it.

Speaking of next week, I have so much crap that needs to be done on a weekday, that I traded next Thursday for next Saturday at the office so I could get everything done without using any vacation time.

I need to go to the Madison county courthouse and get a copy of my birth certificate and request the property line information for my house. Then I have to head to the DMV and get my Illinois driver's license, Illinois license plates and Illinois title for my car. Then it is off to St. Louis county courthouse to pay a speeding ticket and finally back to Maryville for a doctor's appointment.

Saturday, January 6, 2007


Well, I'm tired as hell, but I'm all moved in.

Boxes are everywhere, but The bed it assembled and inflated and my DSL modem and wireless router are jury rigged with power cords dangling around the basement.

So the important things are done.

I'm too tired and lazy to take a picture or anything right now.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Moving day is tomorrow!

I'm packed up and ready to go. The only thing not in a box or something is the load of clothes in the dryer and the bed sheets I'm sleeping on tonight.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Humanities Cluster

Well this class is going to suck ass.

The teacher is one of the most boring teachers I have had in my life. The subject is interesting enough, ancient civilizations, their culture and art. But ugh, the teacher... It was so hard to focus. He says it will be less of him talking and more class interaction... I really hope that is true.

Monday, January 1, 2007

New Year, New House

Well I spent all of New Year's day packing. There is a mountian of boxes in my living room. I have the entire Living room packed. Only a box or so of stuff left to pack in the computer room, and about a box of stuff in the kitchen to pack. That only leaves the bathroom bedroom. No problem.

Tomorrow night after work I have homework to read and a 2 page paper to write for class on Wednesday night.