Tuesday, February 27, 2007

way too tired to be typing here

well class was pretty hard to sit through tonight. I'm glad it's over.

I was sooooooo tired. I still am , but I'm on my way to bed shortly.

It is a typical post Con tiredness.
Sunday, I was up just before 7am. I packed and left MidCon. Once I got home, I slept a LOT.
Monday, I was up again before 7am this time to talk to 素子。 Then it was off to a dentist appointment, and a quick jaunt to my sister's office to deliver the cell phone bill details so she could keep tabs on Danielle's usage. After that I dropped by Lowe's but didn't see anything useful. Hit up Best Buy for a new set of headphones and then wandered into St. Louis Bread Co. for dinner. I had Broccoli & Cheddar in a bread bowl & a Chai Tea Latte. I watched a few episodes of "Iguana no Musume" while I was there and then came home and watched the rest of the series. And stayed up a little later than I should have to do it.
Tuesday was back to work and it went along pretty quick , but I was feeling the lack of scheduled sleep by the end of the day and that made class seem to take absolutely forever.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

MidCon 2007

Was a success. Dwarf, Half-G, Boo, Raven, Smoug, & myself (Aaron, Bob, Heather, Jeff, & Jared) started it off with dinner at Patricks in Carlyle on Thursday night. We came back to the cabin and Smoug ran a session of his d20 Past WWII European Theater game.

Friday morning we woke and Half-G ran his game, a mostly standard 3.5e d20 game. Though everyone is required to be a class that uses some kind of divine, arcane or psionic powers. After his game we wandered up to the main lake entrance and had supper at Dockside where Yago & Singer(Erik & Matt) joined us. Then we all went back to the cabin and Boo ran us through his d20 Modern(Future) Harshlands game.

On Saturday morning Dave cooked up sausage gravy & toast to feed us, then Dwarf ran his game and had us all hunting through a techno-magic hybrid research facility. Dwarf gets the king of the DM's award for the game as his game ran for just over 8 hours.

After Dwarf's game. I cooked up General Tso's chicken for dinner, and then ran my heavily modified 3.5e d20 Daerma campaign.

Sunday morning we woke up and headed out.

See you in 2008 & Game On!!!!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

it's official

We are in the system. I got home and checked my mailbox tonight and there was a letter from the Department of Homeland Security. Slicing it open, I find a Receipt Number and confirmation of payment of the $170 processing fee for the K-1 Visa

Monday, February 19, 2007


I'm not sure what happened today, but i was pretty much despondent all day.

I just went through the motions, and I really did not want to be at work. I got no idea why. I'm still kinda bleh right now.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

who pays

Talked to 素子 this morning. I can't say i was the greatest conversationalist after being up late the last 3 nights, but it was good to actually see and talk to her again.

She got her webcam fixed and running smooth so it was a video chat instead of her watching my type at her.

Conversation was a little halting at first, so I simply dropped the big guns. I flat asked her who pays for the wedding traditionally. She said the couple does. Then she asked me what American custom was and she got all worried looking when I said it was bride's family. That took 5 minutes to straighten out. As I've gotten to know her, I've seen that customs and traditions are very important to her. My money is on the underlying Shintoism in Japanese culture, even thought she says she is Buddhist.

Once I convinced her that, I was talking about traditional customs, and not wanting to offload everything on to her we talked about receptions and discovered how very similar yet different they are between the two cultures.

In Japan, a reception is about 2 hours, with a multi-course meal. Many guests make speeches, but they are scheduled to the minute. Boss 5 minutes, friend 3 minutes, etc. Cutting the cake, a little music, everything is refined and processed. Oh and receptions are mid afternoon affairs.
So then I told her in the US, receptions don't start until 5 or 6pm and the party goes till midnight or better. Meals are usually simple buffet style, but some couples do go with a single course served meal. Some random time after the meal is started the best man and maybe maid of honor give a speech. after the meal the cake gets cut, then the Bride and groom have the first dance then the floor opens to everyone. and it's a party for the rest of the night.

yeah bit of a culture difference. even if they've adopted the trappings of a western reception, it definitely isn't one.

So we talked some more about a wedding ceremony and she said she really wants a ceremony in Japan. Because it will be a once in a lifetime chance for my family most to see something like that. Then she said she really did not want to plan a reception in Japan by herself. because it is so complicated. So I told her, straight up, we don't have to have one if we do not want to.

I did not make any suggestions then, but that now has me thinking about what we can do. Maybe not have a "reception" but instead have dinner somewhere. That would be relatively easy to work out. Us, her family, my family, my friends (only gonna be one two), and which ever of her friends we want to invite. hmmm gonna have to ponder this one. There are a LOT of good restaurants in Tokyo.

Hmm that could be something similar to the Rehersal dinner here.... hmmm this has got my mind spinning in a huge culture whirlpool...

well enough from me for now.

Friday, February 16, 2007

well it's done

the engagement ring is done. I went in and approved it today. they will start on the wedding band next week.

I'd post a picture, but 素子 told me she wants to be surprised and I do not know if she checks this blog or not. So everyone in blog land will have to wait until the end of March to see it.

Well it's game night so i'm outta here.

Monday, February 12, 2007

wedding plans

素子 and I talked on Sunday and she said wedding costs usually clock in at $30k.. that made me choke a bit. I have no fucking clue how I could pay for that. I was having a hard enough time thinking about how to pay about $10k for a wedding.

I apparently will have a shit load of work ahead of me trying to figure this one out. The Meiji Kinenkan's website quotes ¥2,720,000 for 60 people that's about US $22,000. That does not count another $1,000 to $2,000 for the trip and hotel.

Granted this is only for a Traditional Japanese wedding. I do not expect a western style wedding in Japan to come in a lot cheaper, but we'll see.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

i hate writing longhand

so we had our midterm for the humanities cluster tonight. no big deal i knew my subject and was ready for the test. what sucked was having to write out all the answers longhand.

he should accept typed answers in pdf format. I would have been done in half hte time if i had been able to type my answers instead of write them. and open office lets me dump it straight to a pdf.

sigh.. maybe someday.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Immigration begins

Well I'm about to head out to meet with the people at Immigration Project.

I really hope they take the case. I am a little leary of being told they will not because they are a non-profit organization, and I'm afraid they will say I make too much money for their assistance.

I do not want to go through this process without assistance, but the lowest fee a lawyer quoted me was $750 just to assist with the K-1 visa application. I could put it out on the credit cards, but that really is not something I want to do. That same lawyer also told me that to process the green card after the K-1 is granted and we are married is $1500.

If I have to pay that much, I think I will do everything myself. The worst thing is that some of the paperwork is rejected, or I do not send the right forms and have to file more stuff or refile. That would of course cause delays in allowing 素子 to get here but it would only cost another $170 for the new K-1 application. And that is a worst case. the instructions are pretty detailed, but I do not think they are too complicated.

Friday, February 2, 2007

3 day weekend!

yeah! i got a three day weekend. although that is only because I am working Tuesday through Saturday going forward for the foreseeable future.

This week my days off were Sun/Sat. Next week they are Sun/Mon so i got a bit of a bonus. of course whenever i go back to Sun/Sat it will be a 1 day weekend. I don't plan on doing that too much though. I will probably do it once at the end of the month and once in march. after that I've nothing planned until august. although the possibility of a July wedding in Japan is pretty good, just not decided. if that happens I'll probably rework my schedule a tad.


I'm such a crappy blogger. i just realized today that it has bene over a week since i said anything. well maybe later. it is 06:10 and i need to go to work.