Saturday, November 24, 2007

more wedding reception photos

More photo's from the reception have been posted to the album below.

October Reception

Thanksgiving 2007

I haven't blogged about anything for quite some time. Things have been pretty changeable and I simply haven't felt like posting anything.

Another Thanksgiving has gone and the Christmas season is swinging into full gear.

Motoko & I went over to mom and dad's for an afternoon dinner. I did not get my camera out, but I did have the camcorder going. I have the video exported to my laptop and I'm working on putting it together. Once it is done I will post it here.

The family contemplated hitting up Best Buy for their Black Friday deals, but Nicole drove by after she got off work about 01:00 and said the line was 200+ people already. So we all said screw that. They did have some good deals this year though. Oh well.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Darla's Birthday 2007

i never got around to posting this video because i uploaded it the evening before we went to hawaii..

Darla's Birthday 2007